Founded in 2010 the Algerian-American Foundation (AAF) strives to be the primary non-governmental portal and bridge connecting and linking Algeria and the US. Through collaborative projects and cultural exchanges AAF aims at building and strengthening the American-Algerian relationship, paving the way for developing a strong and lasting partnership between the Algerian and American peoples. AAF initiatives include scientific projects and workshops, conferences on issues of mutual American-Algerian interest, and exchanges of scientists from Algeria and the US.

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AAF calls and urges the Algerian diaspora in the US and friends of Algeria to join and support its efforts. Besides its ongoing initiatives AAF will be working with other organizations in the US and Algeria, which are dedicated to improving the historical relationship between the two peoples. A major and vital component of its objectives is to coordinate and disseminate relevant information about diverse Algerian-American initiatives and activities. Please check regularly our website.

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Job Opening

The Algerian-American Foundation for Culture, Education, Science and Technology (AAF-CEST) is seeking an Executive Director.
The new Executive Director will ensure that programs, operations, resources are in place to achieve their mission.
The AAF-CEST is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) whose mission is to develop, strengthen, sustain and promote educational, scientific, technological and cultural exchanges between the peoples of Algeria and the United States of America.
The ED will be reporting to the Chairman or his/her designee, He/She will have responsibility for and authority to direct the work of the AFF-CEST in order to achieve the growth and impact targets as established by the Board.
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